ESL Jobs for Immediate Start in January 2019

25 December 2018

Job Description
Job Title: English Teacher

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • High school English teacher with native-English speaking abilities.
  • As an English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher, you'll teach English to students whose first or main language is not English. • Plan lessons, lectures, reading and writing assignments appropriate to high school English state and local academic standards.
  • A high school English teacher's job is to prepare students for college and career.
  • English teachers create lesson plans and teach those plans to the entire class, individually to students or in small groups, track student progress and present the information to school administrators.
  • Create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with school administration prepare students for standardized tests.
  • High school teachers educate students in grades 9-12.
  • Implement school policies and procedures, as determined by school administrators.
  • High school teachers put together informative and engaging lesson plans for their subjects. Teachers use a variety of visual aids, textbooks and creative projects to gain student involvement. As technology becomes an increasingly large part of education, high school teachers may be required to have and teach computer skills.
  • Participate in the day-to-day supervision of the students and fill the waiting hours and take care of the work of the absent teachers as directed school administrators.
  • Implementation of the tasks assigned to him by the school administration of the program's activity and commitment to the program hours.

Qualifications Education –

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in English.
  • TEFL certificate.
  • ESL Degrees and Certifications.


  • Three (3) years experience in related field.


  • Communication Skills:

You must be able to speak clearly to students, other teachers, parents, and administration officials.

  • Instruction Skills:

You will have to explain new ideas and unfamiliar concepts with authority and concisely so that students can understand. You must work to keep the students' attention

  • Writing Skills:

Teachers write progress reports, notes home, and in the case of post-secondary teachers, publish research. Writing skills are critical.

  • Patience:

The students you work with will have different backgrounds and abilities. Patience will help teachers deal with students who act out or have trouble following the material.

  • Creativity:

Teachers must find ways to involve students in their lessons. Additionally, teachers may have to work with different learning styles to get the most out of each student.

  • People Skills:

Engaging parents and creating healthy relationships with students and faculty will help create a quality learning environment.