Career & Professional Development

IELTS Speaking, Listening & Reading Prep

Prepare with Professional IELTS Coaches from America,UK and Canada

You choose your style of study.

Virtual Class or Face-2-Face


Soft Skills Training

This catalog of Soft Skills is bundled into a suite of services or offered individually. Each course has its own deliverable package.

Delivered in a group setting, corporate teams or 1 on 1 professional development

Payment must be made in full. Certificates will be provided separately.


Recruitment & Professional Development

Procurement of interested, qualified teachers, consultants, contractors and medical professionals.

Existing pool of qualified candidates. Professional Networks and

Full cycle recruitment on-going training and professional development


Sample Job Applicant Assessment

Recruitment and assessments provided efficiently and effectively

Get to know the candidates before you hire them, let my Artificial Intellignece (AI) do the work of evaluating each candidate after they complete a set of tasks and / or answer job specific questions. Those who use assessments find true talent that may be overlooked of have their CV thrown out. Applicants can leave video responses and perform a job specific task that shows their aplical knowledge to the role they are applying for.

Industry Leading and Essential Soft ourses

Whether you are interested in classroom execution or you only need the courses to be delivered by your in-house trainers, we can provide the curriculum and deliverables.

***Ask about our custoimized Branding of the material with your own logo and company details.

Essential Career & Skills DEvelopment


Professionalism 101

Develop your professionalism in this short workshop. Learn about the relevant dress code for the job you're interviewing for. You will learn how to be confident, speak clearly and effectively. You will also receive an introduction to giving presentations and writing a Cover Letter and Resume.

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Get the help you need to start your business from the first step to your launch date. Learn from experts in business management and sustainability. Get help with hiring the right people, choosing the right location and perfecting your customer service.


Computers don't bite, there's no need to be afraid... However it's the complete opposite, computers have become our best friends and knowing how to operate one is essential to your productivity, completing applications online and communications.